Thai Yuan Amulet

Thai Yuan Amulet

Monday, October 19, 2009


This special er ger fong amulet is made by the temple in Pub-Pla-Chai road.This temple is specially build for er ger fong.His joss-house was place on the top of this police station’s main building.Every day, many people go to his joss-house and pray to get lucky in gambling or lotto.This amulet is mass chanted by lots of monks in the temple and made in 2545.Its a very rare piece and made of many holy powder.Front features er ger fong image.Behind shows the chinese wealth god surrounded by the 12 animal signs.Its means whoever animal sign of individual who wore this amulet will be blessed with great wealth and fortune.This amulet is best for victories in all gambling and business.
effect is for
1) Unimaginable wealth 2)Winning in all gambling 3)Successsful in doing business 4)achieve WEALTH, POWER and FREEDOM 5)Gain the "upper hand" in gambling by winning all your competiter 6)Gain the " upper hand" in business or your career by instantly gaining rapport with colleagues and clients... negotiating with power and poise... devising highly creative solutions to almost any problem that dares stumble in your path! 7)Lottery and windfall luck 8)Super good luck 9)Win every single gambling game. 10)money comes in like water 11)Business opportunity will come in everytime and business success will soar to new height then ever before.
This is a very rare piece of eer ker fong and limited produced. Let me say that if you dont get this piece now, even if you have the money next time,you will not be able to get another similar piece (100% confirm). Only the person who have fate with this er ger fong will be able to get this one piece. Remember this batch amulet is in high demand and seriously,time waits for no one.

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